Our product, The Dummycell™, can sit at the bottom of your nickel tank or it can be mounted on the side, and continuously remove your copper while you plate with no nickel co-plate. The Dummycell™ will keep your bath to less than 2 ppm copper and you do nothing! Forget about after-hours maintenance, parts lost to inadequate servicing and expensive additives that are just a band-aid. Give your main rectifier a break. Try the Dummycell™ for thirty days with no obligation.

The Dummycell™ is a system comprising of a small pump, a power supply and a collection canister which actually sits at the bottom of your nickel tank or is mounted on top. It employs an expanded surface area cathode which translates into a very low current density. This insures the ability to dummy out any low-level copper contaminants without taking out the nickel as well. In various tests performed at actual beta sights, The Dummycell™ was able to keep copper concentrations to less than a part per million in up to an 1100 gallon Watts nickel bath. In subsequent field tests, we have found the Dummycell™ to be effective in all nickel baths.

Dimensions of the cylindrical recovery cell: 5 1/2″ D, 16 1/2″ L.

Normal set-up is horizontal on the bottom of your nickel tank, but with a bracket that we provide at nominal cost, the set-up can be vertical as well. Just set the amperage to < 7 amps and let it go 24/7. Never place the cell into the bath when the current is not on. That means go in live with the rectifier plugged into the cell initially. Then attach the pump and plug it in to the outlet on the rectifier for convenience. There will be no spikes in your copper levels, and there will be no nickel removed from your plating bath. Never again will you have to stop production, or come in on Saturday just to dummy your nickel tanks. It is also possible to tee off the current filtering system and obviate the need for an additional pump.

Letters From A Few Of Our Customers…

Good Day Sir,

We at Merit Enterprises Inc., have tried your “Dummycell” and are impressed with the results we achieved. The Cell brought down the PPM of Copper in our Nickel Baths and our Nickel Strike. (.01).

It is of great value to be able to leave this Unit in the Baths overnight. It is self-contained. We mounted the pump and rectifier to a PVC Base that straddles our tanks.

We have used your Gold Bug system for years and you can add us to your Satisfied Customers List.

Best regards,

David W. Gagnier
Plant Manager
Merit Enterprises Inc.


170 Central Ave
East Farmingdale, New York 11735
Tel (631)-694-0972 Fax (631)-694-5634

Randy Epner
Precious Metals Processing Consulants,
430 Bergen Blvd.
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

Dear Randy:

Having used your Gold Bug system for years, I Was happy to try your new ‘Dummycell™’ in order to keep my nickel bath from getting contaminated with copper. We had dummied our nickel tanks on a weekly basis and occasionally would still get into trouble with stained parts. After using your new product for three months now, I can safely give you a total thumbs up. Here!s what it does for me:

1) it is one less parameter that I have to worry about with regard to the constituents in my nickel solution. Now, we dummy constantly, and it takes up virtually no space in our 1100-gallon tank. We have found that it keeps our copper concentration down as low as I ppm on an ongoing basis.

2) Besides making our nickel tank perform better, it saves us labor. On occasion the only reason my maintenance man might come in on a Saturday was to dummy…no more. Even when that was not the only reason, its no longer any labor cost at all.

The costs to operate your system are relatively small to give such benefits. I’d recommend this product to any company that has a reasonable amount of copper contamination in their nickel tank.

Best regards,
Neil Weinstein

Precious Metals Processing Consultants, Inc. (PMPC)
430 Bergen Blvd.
Palisades Park, NJ 07650

Dear Gordon:

Thank you for letting us try your modified Gold Bug, which you call a “Dummycell™”. You know I was concerned about how the possibility of introducing an electrolytic cell into our workhorse semi-bright nickel tank might affect the qualityof our plating bath. After over a month now, I am quite pleased to tell you that our nickel bath has never performed better. The quality of the deposit is consistently beautiful now and we have found absolutely no deleterious effects from using it. On the contrary, it’s simplicity and durability just makes our job easier. We were so impressed with its helpin the semi-bright nickel that we then oved it to our dull sulfarnate nickel and let it run over the weekend because the bath had started to lose the consistency of its finish. On Monday morning we found to our delight that the bath now was also operating at peak performance. I only wish that you had gotten us to try this a decade ago, when we first tried The Gold Bug®.

We have found that the concentration of copper in the bath is continuously below 1 ppm. Also on opening the unit after a month and examining the cathode, we see plenty of copper yet, remarkably minimum amount of nickel.

So, while reducing our labor costs you have simultaneously increased our quality and efficiency. I’d recommend this system to any company that has to dummy their tank on a regular basis.


Joe Padilla

From: Dave Mosher
To: Precious Metals Processing Consultants, Inc
Att: Randy Epner

Dear Randy:

Having read your other letters of recommendation, I was induced to try your “DummyceIl™” I have to admit I am very impressed. Within the first week of its operation it had met and exceeded all of my expectations. Our nickel bath is 5500 gallons. We have found that one cell is able to keep the copper concentration down to 3ppm. We are convinced that with the addition of another cell we will continuously stay below 1 ppm which is our goal.

We no longer have to concern Ourselves with a problem that has dogged us for years. We have no more stained parts, no more down-time, no more scrapped nickel because, as you say, the unit takes out only the copper. We no longer have to buy dummy racks or devote significant labor at all to this problem. We have found that all we have to do is open the unit up on a regular basis, wash off the non-adherent copper and put it back in. It takes about ten minutes. That is all! So, my advice to anyone reading this letter is “try it, you’ll like it!’

Thanks again.

Dave Mosher
Senior Process Engineer