Revolutionary gold retrieval system introduced to jewelry manufacturers for extremely simple and complete recovery of gold from bombing solutions.

New, efficient machine is immersed in tank containing bombing solution (55 gallon drum or smaller) and will reclaim contents in less than 72 hours, leaving not even negligible amounts of gold in solution.

The Bombardier® , a patented system developed by Precious Metals Processing Consultants, Inc. is designed to reclaim precious metals from bombing solution quickly and efficiently with unheard of simplicity both in the collection and recovery of your gold. This virtually maintenance-free system is placed directly into the bombing solution as illustrated below. It consists of three components:

1) A pump, which circulates the bombing solution in its tank, through the collection canister.

2) The collection canister, which encloses our patented Macro-Matrix ls the secret of this breakthrough in recovery technology.

3) The power supply, which plugs into the collection canister.


Hold over 60 ounces of 14 karat gold, but give you the flexibility to recover whenever you’re ready.

Remove to a concentration of 2 parts per million! or less, all gold in a 55 gallon drum or less in between 48 and 72 hours, without any further work or chemicals.

Allow you to easily recover your gold, in bar form, typically 10-18 karat, by merely melting our patented Macro-Matrix cartridge in your own melting furnace. You are the only one to touch your gold before it is in an assayable form!

Allow you to instantly have your gold on your decision.

In some cases, through assay and adjustment of karat, your bar will be able to be reused without any further refining.

Destroy most cyanide through electrolysis making total destruction of cyanide far easier. We will also furnish a procedure for total detoxification of spent solution.


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