Gold Bug®

Years ago, Precious Metals Processing Consultants, Inc. developed and patented a revolutionary type of electrolytic recovery system, the Gold Bug®. Gold recovery and platinum recovery does not have to be expensive or difficult.


A patented system developed by Precious Metals Processing Consultants, Inc. is designed to reclaim precious metals from bombing solution quickly and efficiently with unheard of simplicity both in the collection and recovery of your gold.


The Dummycell™ can sit at the bottom of your nickel tank and continuously remove your copper while you plate with no nickel co-plate. The ideal electrolytic recovery system for cutting down on waste that will keep your bath to less then 2ppm.


A serious electrolytic recovery system without the bells and whistles. Just pure recovery power in an elegantly simple design, inexpensively priced with expanded surface area cathodes and a unique solution flow design.


Imagine recovering 20 kg of nickel per day or 100 kg of silver or 40 kg of gold. This is no longer a pipe dream. 20 years field testing makes these claims for IonnetX, the latest version of the most efficient electro-winning system yet devised, a reality.